Scenario 1: First experience with LeContract

Diana is a young university lecturer and a PhD student in educational sciences. She has always been eager to try out various pedagogical methods. One of the methods that she is using in her courses is a personal learning contract.

Her courses are typically organized so that each student has a personal blog where s/he is reflecting on course topics. In the beginning of the course the students write a learning contract. In the contract they specify their learning objectives, resources that they will need, strategy to achieve their objectives and evaluation criteria. So far the students have written their learning contracts as blog posts. This has worked fine with some students but others need good examples and clear structure to complete their learning contracts.

Accidentally Diana reads a blog post about LeContract. This is a web page where people can write their learning contracts. Diana starts exploring the site. These learning contracts are quite similar to the ones that her students write. With each learning contract there are links to other learners with similar learning objectives. Just like Amazon has book recommendations with each book. Learning contracts can be embedded to other web sites. So the students could write learning contracts in LeContract and embed in their blog posts.

Diana thinks that she could use LeContract on her courses and creates a user account to explore the possibilities further.


  • Did this scenario wake up any thoughts?
  • Have you used the learning contracts as a teacher or learner?
  • Did you face any difficulties when using the learning contracts?

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