Scenario 2: Writing a learning contract

Maria is a master student who is taking a course on learning theories. In the beginning of the course all the students are asked to write a learning contract. Their teacher is suggesting to use LeContract web site to compose their learning contracts.

Maria goes to LeContract website. She explores the site for a minute and then creates a user account for herself. After logging in she finds quickly how to create a learning contract. LeContract provides learning contract templates in different languages. Maria will choose a template that their teacher suggested to use and will start writing her learning contract. The template has fields for the learning objectives, resources that she will need, strategy to achieve the objectives and evaluation criteria. There are also short help texts that explain what she could write in the learning contract.

When she is done with the learning contract she will add a few keywords that characterize her contract. It is possible to choose from the set of predefined keywords or add her own keywords. In this course she is interested in constructivism, planning to read Piaget and Vygotski.

Finally she is ready to save and publish the learning contract. She will notice that it is also possible to adjust the privacy settings, share the learning contract to social networking sites and get an embed code. When the contract is published she will copy the embed code and add it also to her study blog.


  • Did this scenario wake up any thoughts?
  • Is there something you would like to change in that scenario?
  • Could you image yourself to the role of the learner?
  • Are there privacy issues related to the learning contracts? Can any learning contract be public?

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