Scenario 3: Reviewing the learning contracts

Diana is teaching a course on learning theories. In the beginning of the course all her students wrote personal learning contracts. It was easy to find the contracts from LeContract, because all the students used the template that she created for this course.

Diana wrote short comments for all the learning contracts. With some contracts she agreed completely while with others she suggested several improvements.

Maria received an e-mail notification that the teacher has commented her learning contract. She went to LeContract and found out that her strategy to achieve the learning objectives was not detailed enough. She opened her learning contract for editing and rewrote her learning strategy. When she was done with the changes she saved the contract again.

A few days later Diana was visiting the learning contracts again. She compared the recent versions of learning contracts with the initial versions. It was possible because all the versions are saved just like a wiki page.

The students were asked to review and edit their learning contracts in the middle of the course. They wrote a comment on the current status: which objectives have they received, have they used the strategy that they planned, etc. Then they edited the learning contract if there were some necessary changes.

A final review of the learning contracts was done at the end of the course.


  • Did this scenario wake up any thoughts?
  • Is there something you would like to change in that scenario?
  • How were you reviewing learning contracts in your courses?

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