Scenario 4: Creating a new template

Diana has been using LeContract in a few courses that were running in English. In these courses they were using the default template to write their learning contracts. Now she will start a new course that will be in Estonian.

Diana knows that LeContract users are able to create custom templates in different languages or for different courses. She logs in and find quickly how to create a new template. She will add the same four fields that are used in the default LeContract template. However, she will write a more detailed help descriptions for the fields. When she is done with editing the template she will save and publish it.

She will put a link to the new template in her course blog. This way she is sure that her students will use this template to write their learning contracts.


  • Did this scenario wake up any thoughts?
  • Is there something you would like to change in that scenario?
  • Could you image yourself to the role of the teacher?
  • What kind of structure do you use in the learning contracts?

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