Scenario 5: Browsing the learning contracts

Carl completed his university studies more than 10 years ago. Now when he is working as a freelancer photographer he has time to take interesting online courses from different universities. He is specially interested in foreign cultures, history, arts and architecture. He is also an active user of social networking sites.

In Facebook he notices that one of his contacts has published a learning contract in a site called LeContract. Thats seems to be interesting and Carl follows the link. He finds out that his friend is studying a web design course. He didn’t knew anything about learning contracts before. He thinks that this kind of contracts could help to keep participants motivated in online courses.

Next to the learning contract there are tags and links to other learning contracts with similar objectives. By browsing around he finds a learning contract that was created in an art history course. The woman who wrote the learning contract has published it almost a year ago. This looks like a course that Carl would also participate. In the comments he noticed also a link to the course website. Carl follows the link and finds out that it is an online course that will start again in three weeks. That is a really great news. Soon he can try to create his own learning contract.


  • Did this scenario wake up any thoughts?
  • Is there something you would like to change in that scenario?
  • Could you image yourself to the role of the person?

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