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LeContract presentation at the PLE Conference

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Today we are presenting the LeContract concept at the PLE Conference in Barcelona. Instead of doing presentation slides we prepared a short video. A more detailed description of LeContract is published in our paper Externalization of a PLE: Conceptual Design of LeContract (pdf). Our participation in the conference was supported by the Tiger University program.

Welcome to LeContract project blog

Friday, June 4th, 2010

LeContract is a web community for creating, reviewing and sharing learning contracts. Learning contract is a written agreement between the learner and the teacher that defines the learning goals and ways accomplish them. In the blog you will find the latest news from LeContract project.

LeContract project is currently in the early design phase. We have created personas of our intended users and written scenarios that describe typical use situations of LeContract. We would be thankful for your comments and feedback on the scenarios.

The project is run by the Centre for Educational Technology at the Tallinn University, Estonia.

Contact information:

Hans PƵldoja
Research Associate
Centre for Educational Technology
Institute of Informatics
Tallinn University